About Chelsea Nursery

We are a small nursery, located in Western Colorado, dedicated to the production of xeric and native plant materials. We fell in love with native and xeric plants years ago, while working in the Denver area. Our love for these elusive and sometimes difficult to grow plants has continued throughout the years. During those years we have faced several challenges in the production and propagation of these plants, and we look forward to more years of challenges!

We are often asked, what defines a native plant? Some people feel that a true native plant should be from Colorado alone. We feel that such boundaries would restrict the use of other beautiful and resourceful plants. We define native plants as plants growing naturally in the Rocky Mountain Region.

We are also commonly asked, what is a xeric plant? Xeric plants require less water because they are more adapted to our arid climate. They require only periodic deep watering once established. It is also important to remember that they do need additional water until then. In the catalogue, we list the water usage by plants as: Moist; needs water weekly or more often during the heat of summer. Medium; needs water weekly to bi-weekly during hot, dry periods. Dry; needs water every 2-4 weeks during hot, dry periods. Very dry; could probably survive with no extra water once established, but would benefit by a monthly deep watering during the heat of summer.

The plants we have listed in this catalogue are not always available. Some are grown only in small numbers because of limited demand, or because of their difficulty to grow. Sometimes the demand outpaces what we do grow. In either case, we do our best to grow all of these plants.


We sincerely thank you for your patronage!

Stacey Stecher & Tony Urschitz


All photos are by either

Tony Urschitz or Stacey Stecher

Chelsea Nursery is located at: 3347 G. Rd.
Clifton, CO. 81520
Phone: (970) 434–8434
Hours are 9-5 Monday – Saturday

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